People first, politics second.


Bottom line up front:

Jay knows what it means to work for a living and understands that legislation passed at the capitol has a real effect on the everyday lives of Georgia's families and the State's economy.

The problem:

Many laws and regulations passed by the General Assembly only serve special interests. They prohibit the organic growth of high tech firms in the state of Georgia, stifling competition and high paying jobs. 

Our solution:

  • Foster Georgia's start-up culture, remove roadblocks to innovation.
  • Quantitative and qualitative reviews to ensure all policies support sustainable growth and the protection of our citizen's livelihoods and civil liberties.
  • Objective, rigorous standards of empirical analysis to ensure the government in Georgia is held accountable to the citizens of our state.
  • Time-based evaluations of policy efficacy and outcomes integrated into every bill.
  • For any policy, look at the economics of the bill to ensure that it improves quality of life for all Georgians and reduces the deficit of the State budget. 


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