Let's keep our promise to Georgia's Veterans.


Bottom line up front:

As a Marine Corps veteran, Jay has had first-hand experience with the challenges that face Georgia’s Veterans and active duty service members. 

The problem:

  • There are many challenges that face members of the military during their time of service and in their return to civilian life. 
  • Often times civilians have a hard time understanding how Veteran's experiences translate into skills that are valuable in the workplace.
  • Most Georgia Veterans enrolled in the VA health insurance program receive care at the Atlanta VA hospital and satellite clinics. These locations are often understaffed, overbooked, and under-resourced. Many Veteran's have to travel beyond their community to receive care at these locations.

Our solution:

  • Remove all barriers to Veteran success after transition and to help them reconnect with their community. 
  • Facilitate the translation of the extensive training Veterans receive into meaningful skill descriptions and connect them to roles in business leadership and community development.
  • Connect Georgia students to skilled Veterans with distinguished service records in order to foster trade skill education
  • Ensure that Veterans pursuing an education at a University System of Georgia or Technical College of Georgia are investing their benefits in an experience that rewards their quest for self-improvement.
  • Facilitate private/NGO partnerships with existing VA health facilities to cut wait times and to augment appointment availability and services offered
  • Ensure that as Federal VA Healthcare moves towards privatization, Georgia's veterans on the VA health insurance program receive quality healthcare at open market private/NGO facilities.

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