Excellence in Education


Bottom line up front:

As a Georgia native, Jay has first-hand knowledge of our state’s public education system. His technical background and professional experiences make him an ideal candidate to lead our current education system and its scholars to greater heights.

The problem:

  • Overworked, undersupported, and underpaid teachers.
  • Shortage of graduates with trade skills and practical knowledge. Very few high school graduates possess the basic skills necessary to hold an entry-level position, internship, or apprenticeship. 
  • Systemic evaluations of learning objectives only focus on preparation for higher education. Not every high school graduate wants or needs to go to college immediately after graduating from a secondary school.
  • Performance on preparation for college, participation in college, and college completion continues to lag behind the national average.
  • Knowledge and resource silos between K-12, higher education, and industry leaders.
  • Racial disparities in the administration of school discipline, including the suspension or expulsion of kindergartners.
  • Inequalities in school performance between districts.


Our solution:

  • Pay teachers what they're worth and make sure they have the resources they need to be successful in and out of the classroom.
  • Ensure students are ready to work day one. Ensure learning objectives adequately prepare students, not only for higher education but also for immediate entry into a modern work environment.
  • Support and expand Georgia’s Systems of Continuous Improvement culture
  • Prevent the diversion of public funds to subsidize duplicate facilities. If a K-12 school is able to find sponsors for trade skills training or lab equipment, that's awesome. For those schools not in an environment to do so, we should remove barriers to access underutilized higher education facilities. 
  • Increase private/NGO stakeholder involvement in K-12 education. Build and maintain institutional relationships between K-12 schools, the University System of Georgia, the Technical College System of Georgia, skilled Veterans, industry trade groups, and business leaders.
  • Expand formal opportunities for curious students to connect with academic and industry experts. 
  • Continue to integrate free-market efficiencies into the educational model. Prioritize private/NGO partnerships such that our education system is representative of what the economy and community needs, not what the state government wants. Optimize to minimize the onerous role of government wherever feasible.






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